Yahoo Mail Not Working On Iphone

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In the present day, email is very important not only for those who are in business but also for students, and most people need it in their day-to-day life. Is your yahoo mail not working on iPhone? Then first we will see the problems we may face.

  • There will be a number of yahoo mail errors like it does not get updated properly.

  • Your mail will never load but it will stay still.

  • The complete process of mail will be too slow while the other sites are as usual.

  • Messages will not be able to be sent, it gets stuck in between.

  • You will not be able to open the mails that you have received or you will not be able to read the mails. 

  • You can also get messages like cannot get mail, connection to the server failed or not responding etc.

Is your yahoo mail not working on Ipad? It also will be for the same reason, so you can follow the below steps to get rid of these errors.

1) First and the easiest and most worthwhile method to fix the error is to restart your device when you face an error.

2) Go to your browser and in the address bar type Enter your mail Id and password and check whether you can read or send messages, if so the problem is in the setting of the app. 

3) Try updating your app.

4) Free up space in the device.

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