Why Is Yahoo Not Showing All My Emails?

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If you’re encountering the problem of Yahoo not showing all emails then, it may be because your Yahoo mail account either not receiving emails or your emails are going to some other folders instead of them coming in the desired folder. In both cases, you need to fix the problem immediately to start receiving your Yahoo emails again. Therefore, to help you out, we’ve below-mentioned the particular solutions of both the causes that are creating this particular problem. So, have a look:

Case 1: Windows Firewall interrupting or blocking Your Yahoo Mail:

Solution: To stop the Firewall from blocking your Yahoo mail from not receiving emails on the computer, disable the same on a temporary basis. To do so, you need to navigate from the ‘Windows Control Panel’ to the ‘Windows Firewall’ option and then, simply select the ‘Turn off’ option to disable it.

Case 2: Yahoo Mail Account’s Faulty Filter Issue:

Solution: Sometimes an unnecessary Yahoo filter can create problems by stopping your Yahoo Mail from receiving certain emails; check if you have created any such filter by mistake or not. If yes, then remove the same by navigating from your Yahoo email ‘Settings’ to the ‘Email Filters’ option. That’s it!

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