What Happened To My Verizon Email?

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In 2017, Verizon got out of the email business to shift the focus of their energies in the right direction i.e., towards providing the best TV and internet experiences. Therefore, Version decided to change the way its customers (There are about a total of 4.4 million verizon.net account holders and out of all, 2.3 million are still considered active by Verizon on their email service) would access the Verizon email login.

So, to be precise, nothing has happened with Verizon email as it’s just that instead of going through a Verizon.net email service, every user would now need to migrate over the other two services namely Yahoo and AOL. It simply means that all the Verizon users now have to access their Verizon email accounts through the AOL app or Yahoo app.

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