Why spectrum email is not working and how to fix it?

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Spectrum is an email service provider used by a larger number of users because of its user-friendly platform. It has even amazing features in this ‘spectrum webmail’, so when users are busy accessing their email, facing issues on email could lead to frustration. So here are a few possible ways to fix those issues in your spectrum email. 

How to fix the error on spectrum email?

Fixing not sending mail from android device:

Your mails will be able to send properly only when the email settings are made correctly. So check whether you have made the email settings the same as below. 

Incoming server settings of the IMAP account must be as the following: 

Username and password are your spectrum account username and password.

Set the IMAP server as mobile.charter.net and then the security type as SSL.

Finally, the user will have to enter the port as 993 and then click on the option to continue. 

Spectrum email settings for the outgoing server must be set as the following. 

SMTP server must be set as mobile.charter.net and then enter the port as 587. Finally the security type must be selected as none. After you have done all these changes, click on the continue option to go ahead to the next step. 


You can select the email check frequency according to your desire and then tap on the option done to set all the settings correctly. 


Solution for iPhone users:

Sometimes, entering incorrect passwords can lead to issues like this. So at a time like this we will just have to change the password. Follow the instructions that are given below to change password on your iOS device. 

Step 1: Open the browser of your iOS device and then visit the login page of the spectrum account. Then go straight to the password resetting page. 


Step 2: Click on the reset password option and then enter your spectrum email address and tap on the next option. 


Step 3: Then follow the onscreen instruction to reset the password.


Now spectrum login not working can be fixed with these simple changes on your settings. 

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