Process of adding AOL mail to iphone?

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It is very much simple to assume that you are looking for a process to add up an AOL mail app for iphone and this article is going to give you the best information you have ever got. So, without adding any further ad-on let us begin with the procedure for the same.

Steps to set up your AOL mail to iphone 

  1. Begin the process by opening the settings option on your home screen of the device you are using. 

  2. In the next step you need to look for the Mail option and press it as soon as you find it to add AOL email to iphone

  3. After clicking on Add account option not you will be directed to a new screen where you are supposed to find the name of your service provider which is AOL. 

  4. At this step you just need to fill in the email address as well as the password of your AOL account in the respective fields which are there in front of you on the screen. 

  5. After filling in the details you need to make sure that you have entered correct details by checking the details you entered once. 

  6. Once you are assured that the details are correct you just need to hit the Next button to add AOL email on iphone.

  7. Now you can use the AOL mail service on your device without any problems and use the features and benefits of AOL mail also. 

We hope that the information we provided you regarding the AOL mail on ipad or iphone was helpful for you and you gained the most out of it and not only this but you also learned something new from it and it also helped you to set up your AOL mail account.

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