My Facebook Account is not responding how to fix it?

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Facebook is such an efficient media platform and the service that it provides is immaculate, so when users complain about the Facebook app not responding it comes off as a surprise. Having said that, it does not mean that they face this issue, sometimes it does stop working and people cannot function due to the irresponsible results that Facebook gives. There are multiple reasons for this to happen, there is no one reason, so if you want to solve this first you need to let's look at the reasons why it happens.

Why is your Facebook page isn't responding?

It is natural to be curious when you find out that the Fb app not opening when you have the habit to see Facebook being active all the time. However, this worry of yours will be over very soon as we will discuss the reasons why the Facebook page might not be working or responding. 

  • The number one reason could be that you have too many viruses and malware on your Computer due to incessant streaming and scrolling. 

  • Cookies and Caches can also cause this to happen as we keep surfing the web and keep collecting these regularly. 

  • Facebook might not be responding because your internet connection is off. 

Now, that you know the basic reasons why your "Facebook not working". So, let's get down to how can you solve this problem of Facebook not working or responding to your computer. 

  • Make sure that cookies and caches are clear so you can use Facebook and it will continue to respond.

  • Make sure that you use the correct Antivirus and Malware so that Facebook keeps responding, also, stay clear of the sites that might bring viruses. 

  • Connect your computer to the Wifi so that your Facebook page keeps responding and you can socialize easily.

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