Mouse pointer not showing in Chrome – here’s the fix.

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Mouse pointer not showing in Chrome – here’s the fix. 

As a user who often works online or works on Windows then you must know that even the best of the sites or the systems have technical errors and glitches which we all have come across at least once in our lives and the same is the case with the Chrome. There have been many users who are facing problems with Chrome and are complaining that they can’t see mouse on chrome and by mouse, they mean the cursor. 

In this article, we will be looking over this issue only so that whatever problems you are facing could be solved and you can continue using Chrome as before you used to. This problem has mostly been faced by the users of Microsoft’s Windows 10 that too when they have upgraded it to the latest version of it is also taking place when the system is being woken by from the Sleep mode. 

So, here are some of the solutions that we provide to our readers to put a rest on the dilemma. 

Solutions to solve the problem being faced – 

  1. Re-enabling the mouse 

If you are facing the problem of mouse cursor disappears Chrome and this often happens when the Windows version has been updated which might have disabled the mouse after the update which could be a reason that the cursor has disappeared from the screen of your Chrome. 

  • You can try pressing these key combinations together which could turn on the cursor of your system. And the combination of the keys is the ‘Fn’ key along with the F3, F5, F9, or F11.

  • The users can also try to press the Windows keys from the keyboard and then they can type Mouse settings further to fix the issue. Now when it appears you can click on the Enter button to open it and then in the Mouse settings you have to look for the Additional mouse settings which you will find under the Related settings. 

  • Now click on the Enter button and then open the buttons tab followed by the Dell touchpad tab and then its settings and then finally hit the Save button. 

  1. Using the 10 function keys 

You can try the combinations of the following keys to fixing no cursor in chrome

  • Fn + F3

  • Fn + F5

  • Fn + F9 

  • Fn + F11 

These combinations of the function keys will help you fix the problem which you are facing as it is important to follow them to bring the cursor back on your screen for better functioning of your system. And in case this solution does not work and you are not able to bring back the cursor then the problem lies with the Mouse driver which you need to fix. 

  1. Updating the Mouse Driver 

Follow the steps to go through this solution – 

  • First of all, you need to click on the Win + R key combination in order to open the dialogue box to move ahead.

  • Now in this step, you will be asked to fill in the details asked like you have to type devmgmt.msc in the prompted box and then hit the Enter button soon after it. 

  • Following you have to click on the Tab button and then look down and select the option Mice and other pointing devices and then press Shift and F10 together. 

Lastly, you just need to update the driver by selecting the Update Driver option and later on hitting the Enter button to fix the problem of the Chrome cursor missing.

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