How to login to dropbox account?

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Using a Dropbox account is quite simple. You can easily sign in and sign out of your dropbox account and access all the features provided by Dropbox com login. We will tell you how to log out of dropbox or log into it.

Sign in to Dropbox

You need to follow the instructions given carefully to log into your account on Dropbox. Dropbox com sign-in will offer you the chance to use any email whether it’s Google or Apple to Sign into it.

  1. Launch on any web browser of your choice.

  2. After that, type your Google or Apple email address in the email field.

  3. Then type in the password linked with the account.

  4. After tha,t you just have to click on the button ‘Sign In’. 

Sign in to Dropbox using a linked account on Desktop

When you have opened Dropbox on your Desktop or Mac, you will be prompted to sign in to your account. After completing the signing-in process, you can use the given method to open your linked account.

  1. Launch the Dropbox app ‘Preferences’ on your desktop.

  2. You will see the list. Select the ‘Accounts’ tab and see all the accounts associated with it.

  3. Click on that account in which you want to sign in and you will see a ‘Sign In’ button next to it.

  4. Tap on the button and your linked account will open up on your computer.

You can easily perform Dropbox sign out by clicking on your profile and then tapping on the Sign out button.

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