How to set up a PayPal account

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PayPal account can be called as one of the easiest and accessibly convenient online payment methods as you only have to fill in your detailed information at the first time of signup and then there is no need to re-enter it again and again. 

If you are also interested in using PayPal but don’t know how to set up a PayPal account, then you have landed at the right place, here we will be covering the whole guide on how to signup on PayPal as well as login to PayPal.

For signing up on PayPal

  1. Go to your regular browser and visit the PayPal website or you can use the PayPal app at your convenience. The process goes same for both the version so you no need to worry on the different procedures of each.

  2. On the PayPal website, you’ll find the “signup for free”/ “sign up” option on the right above corner of the page. Click on it, there you’ll have multiple options such as

  • If you are selecting a business account, you will have 2 options either go for standard accounts and pro account. A standard account is free of cost whereas a pro account cost $30 per month. This gives you flexibility on the control of your PayPal account 

  • Standard accounts are preferable for users who do lots of shopping on various online shopping stores.

  1. Enter your asked details such as email id and create a password.

  2. There will be a form to fill about your details such as date of birth, gender, etc. 

  3. Debit card credentials are optional, if you want you can fill that too

  4. Bank account details are also optional but would be easy for you during transactions.

  5. The next step is to apply for PayPal credit, this is also optional and would be best if terms and conditions are read before proceeding further. 

  6. Once your account is confirmed and verified, you can link your bank account or debit/credit card to the account.

Once you are done signup on PayPal, you don’t need to login in again and again but in case you change your device then all you need to do is enter your username and password you had created during signup and here you are all done to use your PayPal account.

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