how to recover twitter account without email and phone number

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Twitter is everyone’s choice these days. Nearly everyone handles clients via Twitter media only as gaining access to Twitter is easy. With Twitter, everyone is kept on track in terms of news or some recent information. It's where everyone can express themselves by simply following the community guidelines.

Now the users might face a lot of issue regarding the glitches which can be observed while handling twitter media. Here is a quick fix on “how to recover hacked Twitter account”:

  1. You will have to take immediate steps because of the security point of view.

  2. Try changing your password, if you by any chance are able to access your original account.

  3. Follow the guidelines mentioned under the “twitter recovery system”, this might clear this trouble sooner.

Apart from that if you have locked your Twitter account and now you wish to recover Twitter without a phone number, then simply follow the basic steps : 

1.Start by verification for that use your google voice number, this is not an original number and could be generated anytime.

2.If the first option does not fit you then simply approach the Twitter contact support team, they shall guide you on what to do next.

Whereas if you wish to recover Twitter without emails then simply try changing the password from Twitter in android or you may simply ask the email provider team to help to get back to your account.

This was all you need to know, give this blog a good read.

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