How To Recover Hacked Twitter Account?

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Hacking is the most concerning issue. Your account has some important and private information that you do not want to share with the public. 

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Here are some tips that one should do in case of a Twitter hacked account: 

1) Change your password: The first thing one should do in case of a hacked Twitter account is to change his/ her password. If you can still log in to your account, then change your password by clicking on more. Then go to Settings and Privacy and click on 'change on your password'. Make sure you keep your password strong so that no one could access it. 

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2) Account recovery: Go to the login page, enter your username and click on forgot password. Choose the method you want to choose for your account recovery. For example, you chose the email one. Now, a link will be sent to your registered email address. Click on that link and change your password. That is the reason you should keep your information up to date.

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3) Twitter Support: Go to the official site of Twitter and click on Help Center. Search on your query. This is how the Twitter support hacked will help you. 

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4) Check your app access and recent sessions: In case of the hacked Twitter account, one should access the third-party applications and also your recent activity like what activities have been done and login sessions like from where the account was logged in. If the location is from where the account was accessed seems suspicious, then you should take immediate action. Log out your account from every device, change your password and then log in again. 

Many people say, "My Twitter account is hacked." They panic but do not take the necessary actions. In that case, you need to take these actions and keep your account for further use.

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