How to recover deleted messages from Facebook

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Hola! Are you searching for ways to recover your deleted Facebook messages from a particular chat? Sometimes, we accidentally delete a or more messages from a chat and then stretch our grey cells! But you don’t need to trouble yourself anymore if you have deleted Facebook messages mistakenly and now want to restore your chat data. In this article we have assembles a step-wise list of the easiest ways to restore messages from Facebook

  1. Restore Archived Messages 

Archived Facebook messages can be restored from the Facebook Messenger app header. You just need to open the FB Messenger and go to recent chats. Now search the name of the persona of the conversation that you want to unarchive. Once the conversation heads up on your screen, long press to unarchive it. 

On the web browser or Facebook site, steps to unarchive your Facebook messages are slightly different. You need to locate the chat options, now go to more and then to the Archive option to find the archived conversation. 

  1. Recover Facebook messages from your Facebook account settings 

Accidently deleted messaged from Facebook can be restores smoothly. Open your Facebook account using a web browser. Now locate the settings option. You will find the “Your Facebook information” option from the left panel under General Account Settings. 

Now go to the “Download your information” on the right panel and click on “Messages.” A “create file” button will be appearing on your screen, click on it. Wait until the process is complete. Afterward, a notification will be sent to you to recover Facebook messages. Now click on the download file option, enter your password, and at last save the file on your desktop.

  1. Restore your Facebook messages by connecting your phone to a computer or laptop 

Connect your phone to your pc via a USB cable to restore messages from Facebook. Among several options popping up on your screen, select the SD card or internal storage bar and then click on Android > Data. 

Select the folder named com.facebook.orca and navigate the cache option. Under the caches section, a fb_temp option will appear. Now click on it and look to recover deleted messages. 

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