How to fix Verizon Hotspot not working issue?

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Are you searching for the solution to “Iphone hotspot Verizon not working” or Verizon mobile hotspot not working” on Google?

Then, you have by the grace of God and your power of will landed on the right page as we were just about to share the fixes that may help you in resolving such issues.

So without wasting any further moment, let's head to the fixes that assist you in getting rid of verizon hotspot issues.

Fixes to get rid of Verizon hotspot issues.

Here is what we vowed for,” fixes to resolve Verizon Hotspot not working issue”.

Go through the listed fixes to learn more about how you can resolve this problem.

Check Verizon hotspot Data Plan and Usage.

It is evident that you have to make sure that you have are on Required Data Plan and have sufficient hotspot data on your iPhone.You can get information about the hotspot plan by calling on the given number.


Restart your device

Try to restart your device as it has been that restarting your devices will resolve many issues maybe it can help you in getting rid of Verizon hotspot issues as it refreshes your devices and stops all the running services.

If the problem still persists, you can check out the next fix that may assist in resolving such issues.

Resetting Network settings 

Resetting network settings may can help you in reslovin this issue Verizon mobile hotspot not working, you can go through the below-listed steps to reset network settings of your device.

Simply, Go to settings> General> Reset> Reset network settings and your device network settings have been successfully reset, now try to connect your device to the Verizon hotspot.

Software Updates

It is very much possible that pending software updates or using an outdated operating system device can arise such problems like why is my hotspot not working Verizon, 

To make sure Verizon hotspot works flawlessly on your device, check your device's compatibility and keep your device updated.

Disable Power Safe Mode.

If you have enabled power saving mode to save your battery, then it surely will do that but along with it limits your performing activities on your device, so to use Verizon Hotspot seamlessly, keep your device charged, so that you don't have to enable Power Safe mode.

To Disable Power Safe Mode on  your device, you can follow the listed steps:

Simply, head to the Settings> battery Option> Power Saving Mode and tap on the slider to turn it off.

Factory Reset

Unfortunately, if all of the above fixes would not work for you, then lastly you can choose the extreme method to wipe out your phone or in laymen’s words, format your device.

Performing a Factory Reset will not only give you a new & fresh experience but reset all settings as well as remove all the malware which are causing such issues.

Just take a full bacup of your data and you are good to go.


We hope that the methods or say the fixes we have provided will assist you in getting rid of Verizon Hotspot issues and will enable you to use internet services and follow us.

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