How to download videos from Facebook

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Have you ever wondered how to download videos from Facebook, one of the biggest social networks? Having a copy of a Facebook video in your phone would be quite beneficial as you can share it with anyone, whenever you want. If you want to download Facebook videoshere’s how you can do it. 

How to download videos from Facebook on your Android phone

There are certain steps that need to be followed to download Facebook videos on Android device. 

  1. Login to your Facebook account on your device. 

  1. Look for the video you want to download or save. 

  1. Click on the three-dot icon. You will see this icon above the video. 

  1. A menu will appear. Click on the Copy Link option. 

  1. Paste the link on a browsing app on your device. 

  1.  www is to be replaced with mbasic in the URLNow your URL will look like this ‘’

  1. Click on the Go or search icon on your keypad. 

  1. Now, play the videoYou may need to login to your Facebook account again

  1. Next, Tap and hold on the video on next pageA pop-up menu will appear on your screen.

  1. Now, click on the Download video optionYou need to give Chrome access to give access to your media, photos and files. Tap on Allow to continue. 

  1. Select Open to watch your video once the video is downloaded. The Open option will appear at the bottom of your screen. 

You will find the downloaded video in the Files app of your device in the download folder. 

You can now enjoy the downloaded video offline!

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