How to create a Snapchat account?

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Snapchat I would say the most amazing app. The filter here is so amazing I must say everyone should download this. You connect with your friends and the plus point is you can create your bit emoji with your face that's amazing right?. But many of the people who don't know how to register for Snapchat then why I am here my friend. Read this blog till last and you will get to know.

Before going further first download Snapchat on your phone to sign up. 

How can you create a Snapchat account?

1. After doing downloading process open the app on your phone.

2. After opening you will have two options first of login and second of sign up for Snapchat press on that.

3. After that you have to put your name and your date of birth.

4. Then they will ask you to make your username from this everyone will identify you. You will not be able to change your username if you have created it once.

6. Then the option will come of making a password make your password strong. Remember if you use capslock in the password then, at the time of login use that word in captcha only.

7. Then fill in your phone number to verify your account. And remember that choose your number that only which you can use it for further also. If you don't remember your password.

How to add friends on Snapchat?

After doing your Snapchat sign-up process. They will ask you to show your username to your contacts so that they can add you. Press Ok 

Then if you want to add them by yourself you can go to the symbol of man which will be on the left side of the search switch. By clicking on that symbol. The option will come of adding your friends tap on that. And the list will come of your friends you can send them a request. 

And you can also search for your friends by putting their username in the search box.

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