How to add spoiler tags on Discord?

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Discord is a digital application where you can message, call, share media in private visits or in networks called 'servers'. 

You can even add a discord spoiler. Spoilers help you in hiding certain messages. 

How to use spoilers in discord

Spoiler Discord in chats

There are multiple ways you can add spoiler labels to instant messages you send in a Discord server. You can follow the below-mentioned steps to add the spoilers for applications like Android, iPhone, or iPad: 

  • To add spoiler tags discord to an instant message, type "/spoiler" toward the beginning of a message. Sending "/spoiler this is a spoiler message" in a Discord server will hide the message until the beneficiaries choose to see it.

  • You can type two vertical bars toward the beginning and end of your message. For instance, "||this is a spoiler message||" would likewise be shown as a spoiler.

Spoiler Discord in Images or Attachments

You can likewise add spoiler labels to pictures or different connections you send in a Discord server. The strategies above won't work for this kind of content, yet you can check records and pictures as spoilers before you transfer them.

  • To do this in the Discord work area application or on the site, you need to bring your file in the server chat or hit the in addition sign (+) close to the chat bar.

  • Select the "Mark as Spoiler" checkbox to hide the picture or attachment after it is sent, and afterward click "Transfer."

  • After it is sent, the picture or attachment will show up in Discord behind spoiler labels. You can tap "Spoiler" to ignore the spoiler view and investigate the record. This will remove the spoiler tags discord

The above-mentioned steps helped you how to use spoilers in discord. If you want to use spoilers for certain texts, you can do the same.

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