How Do You Calculate Age in MM DD YYYY?

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To calculate the age of a person, place of thing, you need to subtract the date of birth or date of inception of the place from the current date. But it can be tough for people to calculate the date in exact months, days, and years.

So, you can use Excel to calculate the age with ease. You can calculate age from date of birth using Excel functions and formulas.

Let’s have a look at the formulas you can use in Excel to calculate the age with ease.

  • Open the Excel and enter the date of birth in DD/MM/YYYY format or use the US format of dating.
  • Once, you’ve entered the date of birth, and you can use the function DATEDIF.
  • Use this exact function in a cell to get the exact age.


In this formula, XX is the cell number where the date of birth is listed. And, it will not work if the starting date is before 01/01/1900.

So, you can use this formula to calculate the age with ease. If you are not good with the formulas in Excel, then you can use the online age calculator tools that will do the needful for you. Just enter the details, and the tools will calculate the age in an instant.

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