How Can I Make a Free Conference Call?

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There are so many free Conference call tools on Internet but out of all them, one of the best options to make a conference call without any cost is the “Google conference tool.” 

With Google conference call, users even have other options like Google Hangouts and Google Voice of business, etc to make a voice conference call.

For business a professional, Google voice is considered an easy as well as an affordable way to do a conference business calls using the ‘Voice Internet Protocol.’ But, the only problem they encounter is that they might don’t know the process of ‘how to set a free conference call using Google Voice.’ So, having this in mind, we below-mentioned the steps to set up a free Google conference call:

  • First and foremost, you need to fulfill two requirements i.e., a Gmail account and a Google Voice number which you can get by registering yourself at the ‘Google Sign up’ page.
  • After that, asks your Google contacts to call you on your ‘Google Voice Number.’
  • Then, when they call you at a particular time, answer the call and by pressing 5 you can add others as well for the conference.
  • That’s it! Using these steps will let you make a free Google conference call using Google Voice.
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