How Can I Check My Sears Card Balance?

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Sears is an American departmental store chain similar to Walmart or Kmart. In the ‘80s Sears was the largest retailer in Amera, taken over by Walmart and Kmart in the ‘90s. In January 2019 Sears announced its bankruptcy due to a tremendous decline in store numbers. 

The Sears card can be used on Sears, Kmart, or related sites. One can also pay online at various websites using to make payments, this can unlock monthly offers for cardholders, who can then redeem them at the store or online. Upon acceptance, you will receive invitations to shopping events and you will also have access to coupons that are not available to people without a Sears card. If you qualify, there may be a card option for additional financing options on large ticket types, such as devices or electronics.

Checking Balance and Making Payments

For checking the Sears card balance and making payment through it, you just need to log in to your Sears account at login by filling in the necessary details like the Card number and your password. You can also check the balance online by visiting the website as mentioned earlier or by visiting any Sears retail location.

Checking Cash Reward Balance

Checking the cash reward balance can be done in 3 ways mentioned below:

  • By making a call at Sears Customer Service at contact number: 1-800-669-8488.
  • The “Cash Reward” section on the monthly billing statement also contains the required information about cash rewards.
  • By visiting the login page, signing into your online account, and after entering choose "Statements".

Redeeming Cash Rewards

One can earn up to $300 per year for one registered account. Once enrolled successfully, one can earn rewards by making the first purchase, but you need to fulfil certain eligibility criteria by making a minimum amount of payment. All Cash Rewards earned will be added to your Cash Rewards balance within two weeks after the eligible purchase.

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