Gmail not syncing on iPhone

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The basic functions in the iPhone like sending emails, receiving emails, opening mails, reading mails, getting accessed to calendars, and many other functions will stop while there is Gmail syncing issue with iphone. The performance speed of the mail will simultaneously get reduced. 


Reasons your account is having a syncing issue:

There are several reasons for your account to not work smoothly are there, let’s discuss few among them:

  • When there is a sudden fluctuation in your internet, then you will get errors while sending or receiving mail.

  • Another reason includes glitch in the data transfer affects the smooth working of the iPhone mail. 

  • Server issues are also one of the prominent reasons for this kind of error.

  • You will be having a non-updated app on your device.


Fix the error Gmail not syncing with iPhone:

Solution 1: The most effective

Most of the issues in your device and also the error that we are looking at now can be solved just by restarting your device. If there is an ongoing process that interrupts the smooth functioning of the device will be fixed by restarting it. 


Solution 2: Inappropriate push settings

Push settings must be set up properly by doing the steps given below:

Step 1: Open your device, then directly go to the settings.


Step 2: Scroll down, when you see the options password and accounts in the menu, click on that. 


Step 3: Below this option you will be able to find the option ‘fetch data’, click on that. 


Step 4: Then choose on the Gmail and click on the fetch. Now close all the apps that you have opened completely, your gmail would sync successfully with your Iphone. 


Other methods you can try to fix:

Try to delete the app, then reinstall the app or you can simply remove the app and install it again. If nothing worked then look whether you have enabled IMAP on your Gmail. 

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