How to fix avast antivirus not opening on Windows 10?

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When looking for an antivirus service, Avast is a common choice of people. It provided free protection against antivirus on computers. However, avast has always been surrounded by some issues. One of them is avast not opening Windows 10. 

Reasons for Avast not opening on Windows 10

  • Broken Avast Installation: This can be a common problem if Avast won’t open. The installation could have gone wrong due to various reasons but you can fix this very easily.

  • An Issue in Avast Service: When the main server of Avast has problems, then avast antivirus won’t open. Restart after some time to check it. 

Let us here look at the various methods through which we can try to overcome this problem. 

  1. Solution 1: When there is something wrong with Avast Antivirus then you can check whether the installation is correct or not. To repair it you have to navigate the control panel and use the repair wizard. You have to reset a lot of the settings of the avast antivirus program. 

  1. Solution 2: If Avast won’t open window 10 then you can try to restart the Avast antivirus service. You just have to make some changes to the control panel of your computer to make sure that Avast is working properly.

Solution 3: You can fix any problem with Avast Antivirus system with a clean install. The reinstallation is very easy to do and it solves almost all of the problems of Avast. This also clears the cache files and cookies. 

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