Fix Add Friend Button Not Showing on Facebook

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Facebook has become one of the most subscribed social media platforms. The ability to follow and read posts from friends is appealing. It's a shame you can't add friend on facebook

A block on Facebook is not always the cause of an inability to add friends. If you're curious about the other reasons of why can't I add friends on Facebook, see which ones apply to you. 

1. Privacy Settings

Maybe their privacy settings have changed and you can't add them to Facebook. Unable to add someone on Facebook due to privacy settings? If their Friend Request privacy is set to "Friends of Friends," you can't send them a Friend Request. 

2. Deactivation 

Adding deactivated accounts may also be difficult. That leaves it up unless they completely delete it. Deactivated accounts cannot receive friend requests. Maybe that's why 

3.You are Blocked 

No one else can see or interact with your profile on Facebook. In addition, you won't be able to message or view their posts or images. Check if someone has blocked you. If you can't message them, you're blocked. 

4. You Blocked Them

You may have blocked someone if you can't access their profile. It's possible you've forgotten. 

5.They Have Reached Their Friend Limit

There is a cap on Facebook friends. You can no longer friend someone with 5000 friends. If you try, you should have 5000 Facebook friends. May be that’s why you can’t facebook can't add friend anymore.

6. You Already Requested 

You can't add someone until they accept your previous request. It's easy to forget about a request that isn't accepted. 

7.You Were Refused 

Someone may have refused your request. In this case, the Add Friend button means they declined your request. It's still possible to add friends. 

8. Facebook banned them. 

If someone is reported to Facebook too many times or is found to be breaking the Facebook guidelines, their account may be suspended. Minutes to weeks are covered. During this time, the person can't do much.

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