Facebook account conformation code not received.

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Most of us are aware of the name Facebook. Facebook is one of the most used apps worldwide by almost people of every age group. Facebook is a platform where people from different countries and even from the same countries can connect with each other, people of different languages and cultures are allowed to interact with each other, people can share their special moments. 

There might be times when the users of Facebook face issues to log in to their accounts. The first idea that comes to the mind of the users is to reset the password of their Facebook account but while resetting the password users face another problem of not getting Facebook confirmation code

Now, let us look at the ways that can help the users to fix the issue of not getting the confirmation code of Facebook. 

  1. Stable internet connection – if your internet connection is weak and unstable then it might cause problems in getting the confirmation code for resetting the password. So, make sure that you have a good and strong internet connection while you are resetting your password. 
  2. Spam box – If you think that your Facebook confirmation code not received then you can be wrong. Many times it happens that the confirmation code is located in the Spam mails, which we almost never check. So, the users should check in the spam mailbox too for the Facebook confirmation code. 
  3. Many mails in Inbox – It can happen that your mail has already a large number of mails which is not allowing new mails to receive. So try, clearing your Gmail Inbox.
This is a free website created with hPage.com.