How to earn money with Google Adsense?

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Have you heard of Google adsense? If the answer is no then it is possible that you also don’t know how to earn money in Google adsenseWell, even though if you don’t know there is nothing to worry about as in this article we will teach you or you can also say will inform you all that you need to know about Google Adsense. 

So we will first begin with the introduction of Google Adsense; it is a service actually a free service provided by Google for the publishers so that they can monetize the web content on their site and following this only they offer the users a chance to make money with Google Adsense. A publisher can be anyone who owns a site or a blog or even a YouTube channel too. The Ad sense always has been the most popular way by which the publishers can monetize the content. 

Now coming to the part where we will talk about making money with Google Ad sense. For this you will first need to create a web property first if you don’t have any to be a publisher of the Google then you need to focus on some factors like – 

  1. Domain name – which must be attractive as well as easy to remember 

  2. Design – you can also select the design for the same too for Google adsense make money

  3. Just applying for adsense and following instructions will do for you and you can earn with the Google Ad sense by targeting some specific audience. 

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