Computer restarting automatically “fix”

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Did it happen with you, your computer restart while playing games? There can be several reasons behind your computer restart automatically. You can follow the given suggestions if your PC goes into a reboot loop or restart automatically. 

Reboot your system in safe mode to troubleshoot the error

  1. Click the “Window start Icone” 

  2. Now, press the left shift key and hold it for a while

  3. Restart the computer while holding the key

  4. When you see the system starts rebooting, release the shift key. 

Disable the Automatically Restart feature in your system 

  1. Go to settings or click on the System and Security option

  2. Select System> Advanced system settings

  3. Click on settings under the “Settings and recovery” option

  4. Go to “System Failure” 

  5. Locate the Automatically disable option and uncheck it 

Disable Fast Startup

  1. Open Control Panel 

  2. Locate Hardware and Sound Hardware 

  3. Select Power Option> Choose what the power button does” > “Change settings that are currently unavailable” 

  4. Navigate “Turn on fast startup” under shutdown settings 

Delete latest installed App

  1. As usual, open the control panel and select Uninstall a program 

  2. Delete recently installed apps

Delete latest Windows Updates

  1. Opne window settings> Update and Security> View Update History >Uninstall recent updates 

  2. Select the latest updates and delete them all.

Update System Drives 

  1. Open window icone> Device Manager 

  2. Uninstall system updates 

Scan your PC for Malware 

Malware can cause problems in your system that can compel your PC to restart automatically. You are advised to scan your system and free it from malware 

Other suggestions 

You can for hardware issues, CPU errors, Faulty power supply, and interrupted external devices. If any of these is causing PC restarts automatically issues, fix them. Moreover, if RAM is running out of storage, you need to free up space. 

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