Can Receive But Not Send Emails in SBCGlobal?

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In a situation where you realize that you can receive SBCGlobal emails but unfortunately not be able to send an email, do not panic! Instead, try out these two primary solutions to deal with your SBCGlobal email problem today:

Solution 1: Remove the Recipient from the blacklisted list— check whether you’ve mistakenly blocked any email address of the recipients or not. If yes then, remove the same from the list.

Solution 2: Check the Email Recipient Email Address— when you mistakenly type the incorrect email address of the recipients, then you receive 'AT&T email sending-error.' Therefore, before sending emails, carefully check the ‘Email Addresses’ of the receivers to whom you want to send the emails while entering the email ID in the required field. 

Furthermore, if you find yourself in a situation where you are not able to send or receive emails in the SBCGlobal webmail account, then; try configuring your account in the MS Outlook program. MS Outlook is a unified desktop-email platform that lets you access all your email accounts without much hassle.

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