Can not add Gmail to Outlook

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Google offers tons of great services but the email service, that goes by the name of Gmail by far takes the cake. 


Gmail is one of the most renowned names in the email division. The filters and features offered by this email service are second to none, ensuring that users feel hooked. 


On top of that, it even allows the option of being accessed by third-party email services such as Outlook, making it easier for users to manage the emails in case they have multiple email accounts.


Config Gmail in Outlook is not as hard as it seems to many users, since tons of people find it difficult to get the same done. In case you are one such user who feels agitated when Outlook won’t connect with Gmail, get in line and give this write-up a read to get the answers for the same.


Here are some simple steps that can be used to fix when you are unable to add Gmail to Outlook 2010


Steps to fix Gmail issues with Outlook


  • Begin by accessing your Gmail account in the web browser of your choice. 

  • From there, click on the option of the gear icon that is available in the drop-down menu. 

  • In the next window, click on the settings, to choose the forwarding option. 

  • Now, select the protocol of your choice and make the changes permanent by clicking on save.

  • Finish the process by turning on the option for “allow less secure apps” from the settings tab. 


These simple steps can help users when they can’t add Gmail to Outlook with relative ease.


In case you have any other issues or queries about the configuration process or about the application of Outlook in general, make sure to contact the help and support page of Microsoft to get all the answers that you seek from the start. 


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