How to buy and sell on the Facebook marketplace?

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A marketplace is a place used to buy and sell products but before the marketplace, people used to use Facebook groups to sell, buy, trade as well as barter too. The users can find the marketplace in the marketplace icon at the very bottom of the app of Facebook and the icon will look like a shop icon. 

How to buy on the Facebook marketplace?

When the users find something to buy on the Facebook marketplace then the users need to click on the image and then look for more details that are given from the seller and also the general location. And once you are sure that you want to buy the product you have to click on the option saying Make an offer to carry on.

 How to sell on the Facebook marketplace?

 To sell on the Facebook marketplace the users need to post the item for sale which you want to sell, make sure to post a good picture of the item you want to send. 

Later on, anyone in your area can find it and consider it if they want to buy the product they can use the Facebook marketplace for the same. Users need to keep in mind that Facebook will not provide you with the option for payments or delivery of the product. The users have to manage these things on their own the Facebook marketplace would only provide the users the platform to look for products and also put up their products for sale so that the users can buy it. 

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