AOL Mails are disappearing

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AOL is one of the best email service providers for its fast-emailing services and fabulous 24*7 customer support. However, AOL mail users often complain about their email disappearing from the mailbox issues. A series of reasons can be responsible for it. 

Are you unable to find certain emails on your AOL mail? This article will help you figure out how to get disappearing emails in AOL. Continue reading!

How to fix AOL mail disappearing issues?

Carefully check your AOL mailbox. If you still can’t find AOL Mailfollow the solution given below to troubleshoot AOL mail disappearing issues. 

Method 1. Check the Mail Filter Settings 

Some emails have a specific feature of email filters, which moves filters in different folders. However, it sometimes marks some emails as spam or suspicious that can later make the user miss out on some important emails. Thus, check the filter setting carefully and disable it if required. Here is how you can do it.

  1. Login to your AOL email account and locate settings. 

  2. Navigate the “filters” option and delete them. 

Method 2. Check the Trash Folder 

Perhaps, you have mistakenly moved some emails into the trash folder. Login to your account and locate the “Trash” folder from the menu bar. Check whether the email you wish to check is there or not. If you find such emails in the trash folder, restore them by long pressing on them. 

Method 3. Is the mail forwarding on?

If AOL mails are disappearing from the primary inbox, make sure the mail forwarding is turned off. If this feature is enabled, your emails would be delivered to the email address you might have set for it. Thus, check it carefully and disable it. 

Method 4. Save the Original Copy from Server

If you have somehow forgotten to save the original copy of your emails, it may disappear from the web browser and will still be appearing in the mail client. Thus, make sure you do it before you switch the server. 

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